Stretch Therapy Corporate Wellness Program

Bringing Relief

to the Workplace

  • Reduce workplace injuries and chronic aching
  • Improve employee desk/computer posture
  • Relieve workplace stress
  • Reinvigorate your staff for a more productive work environment
  • Provide an exciting employment benefit leading to increased retention

Much of our time is spent at a desk and on a computer causing painful muscle imbalances.

Stretch PDX is available to assist your employees in alleviating common workplace back, hip, neck, and shoulder soreness.

Reserve your Stretch PDX Coach now to come directly to you with our mobile stretch tables. Employees will experience 15 minute One on One Stretch Sessions that will provide them with immediate results. Assisted neuromuscular stretching, active isolated stretching, PNF stretching, and reciprocal inhibition stretching will help your staff to perform work functions with fewer injuries. Improve blood circulation throughout the body to give your team the greatest opportunity to perform at their best.

Clients rave that their one on one sessions provided them with physical relief that enabled them to focus on more important responsibilities. Improve employee morale by giving staff the opportunity to eliminate typical aches and soreness! They will thank you for it.

Schedule reoccurring workplace stretch relief for long lasting benefits. Fight the stiffness and soreness experienced when we are sedentary during our work day. Let your Stretch PDX Coach instruct employees on proper posture to correct common muscle imbalances and prevent future injury. Maximize productivity by revitalizing your team with Stretch PDX.


Show your appreciation for hard work by making wellness a priority in the workplace. Improve employee retention by providing them with this amazing benefit!