Stretch PDX is the premier stretch therapy and massage therapy location in Tualatin Oregon.

Our practitioners have the most experience and best techniques available to help you recover and improve as quickly as possible.  We are known for listening to the needs of our clients and customizing each session accordingly.  Clients experience improved sports performance, the elimination of chronic pain, stress reduction, and improved sleep patterns.

You have yet to experience what Stretch PDX can offer your tired and aching muscles.  Results are immediate.  You will see visible changes in your range of motion.  You will feel relief from tension like you have not felt from stretching on your own.  Give yourself the chance to feel the benefits of a properly functioning kinetic chain. 

Stretch PDX was established in November 2018, after Melissa Hanson experienced the results of utilizing stretch therapy to change the tension in the soft tissue of her personal training clients.  As tension and chronic pain melted away for clients, Melissa realized her passion for Fascial Stretch Therapy.  She put all her focus and drive on creating Stretch PDX.  She is a Level 3 Fascial Stretch Therapy Practitioner with an additional certification in Sports Specific Movements.  Clients of all backgrounds have seen greater range of motion, improved flexibility, pain relief, and shorter recovery times.  Fascial Stretch Therapy also helps to relieve the common aches and pains of arthritis, scoliosis, and fibromyalgia.

How is it different from me stretching on my own?

Get ready to have your socks knocked off…  Fascial Stretch Therapy allows the client to lay passively on a massage/stretch table so the practitioner can utilize techniques to safely go deeper and be more effective immediately than stretching on your own.  Think about it- When we stretch our own body, we inevitably engage prime mover and/or antagonist muscles in our stretch.  This limits the range of motion capability.  Let us take the activation out of the picture.  Now, your practitioner can go beyond those limits to create all the amazing benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy.  Should your practitioner discover a tension area of soft tissue that requires a little PNF, (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation), you will be asked to gently push against the stretch position for a brief period.  Overall, the experience of a Fascial Stretch Therapy session is extremely relaxing.  It is often compared to the stress reducing experience of a massage, with longer lasting effects.  No pain is necessary to achieve the goals of Fascial Stretch Therapy.  “No pain no gain” is not the game plan here…  You will experience life changing results without pain.

The promise of continuance of care: Stretch PDX is comprised of Stretch and Massage professionals.  We do not have high turnover.  Your practitioner will learn your specific needs/goals and stay with you on the way to achieving them.  We care deeply for our clients.  The goals of our clients become our goals.  We feel great pride for each benchmark we play apart in helping to achieve.  Book your session and instantly become part of the Stretch PDX family.  Welcome, we look forward to helping you move and feel your very best.

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