Stretch PDX is the product of success stories lived by my personal training clients.

Chronic pain and tightness that prevented sleep and caused discomfort in the daily routine were eliminated through the protocols of Stretch Therapy.  Clients experienced greater range of motion, shortened recovery times after workouts, and improved athletic performance!  The stretch sessions are often likened to an amazing massage with longer lasting results.

You have yet to experience what Stretch PDX can offer your tired and aching muscles.  Results are immediate.  You will see visible changes in your range of motion.  You will feel relief from tension like you have not felt from stretching on your own.  Give yourself the chance to feel the benefits of a properly functioning kinetic chain. 

My Background

I am a Level 3 Fascial Stretch Therapy Practitioner + Sports Specific Certification, a NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist with a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Washington.  I am also certified in TRX and Zumba.  I have experience training clients from all walks of life; those aching from a sedentary work week to athletes training for triathlons.  I am passionate about fitness and helping my clients feel their absolute best.  My love for stretch therapy stems from my background as an athlete and dancer.  It is further enhanced by the amazing progress it brings my clients.

I utilize the most beneficial stretching techniques to release muscle tension and tightness.  The human body is an unbelievable instrument.  We need to care for and fine tune it.  

Try Stretch Therapy for free! Book your first session today and experience increased range of motion and release of tension & tightness.